Komplete Kool – Outlasts and Outperforms Conventional Treatment

Komplete Kool is a revolutionary new cooling system treatment for both diesel and gasoline engines formulated with a unique blend of long-life corrosion inhibitors combined with iron oxide/scale dispersants. This combination provides outstanding corrosion protection and performance that surpasses conventional cooling system treatments. 


Komplete Kool protects against the build-up of harmful cooling system deposits, liner cavitation, and corrosion erosion, promoting a cleaner, more efficient cooling system. Scientific evidence has shown that inadequately maintained cooling systems are directly responsible for approximately 40% of all engine failures! The combination of scale build-up, rust, and corrosion can lead to overheating, breakdown, and lack of performance.

Lower Cost

There are no trade-offs. Komplete Kool is the clear choice when you are looking to reduce service time, lower product costs, and ultimately lower overall maintenance costs. Komplete Kool can reduce antifreeze disposal by up to 80%.


Komplete Kool is scientifically formulated to safely clean metal surfaces and restore antifreeze/coolant without flushing the system or recycling.


RED TEK Komplete Kool meets the criteria set forth by The Maintenance Council, will not void engine warranties, and contains specialized buffers to maintain proper pH.

Komplete Kool

Komplete Kool™ removes deposits in every critical cooling system component and dissolves them while the engine is under normal operating conditions. Komplete Kool is a unique formulation that can give you all these benefits:

  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Eliminates antifreeze changes
  • Maintain proper pH
  • No other SCA’s required
  • Improves cooling
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Environmentally safe


Brand: RED TEK

Model: Cooling System – Komplete Kool

MPN: Komplete Kool

UPC/Part Number: 717, 718, 719

EPA Certification Required: No

Require Certification to Purchase: No

Package Info

717 Komplete Kool 1 gal

Item No: 717

Unit Wt: 10.25

Case Pack: 4

Case Wt: 41

Case LxWxH: 15x9x12

Pallet Quantity: 50

UPC Code Each: 819331007172

Pallet Wt – lbs: 2050

718 Komplete Kool 5 gal

Item No: 718

Unit Wt: 38

Case Pack: 1

Case Wt: 38

Case LxWxH: 16x8x5

Pallet Quantity: 18

UPC Code Each: 819331007189

Pallet Wt – lbs: 684

719 Komplete Kool 50 gal

Item No: 719

Unit Wt: 450

Case Pack: 1

Case Wt: 450

Case LxWxH: 32x32x58

Pallet Quantity: 4

UPC Code Each: 819331007196

Pallet Wt – lbs: 1800

Say good-bye to antifreeze/coolant changes. Contact a sales representative in your area today to buy Komplete Kool cooling system treatment.

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