Technical Data Sheet for Cooling Systems


Meets The Maintenance Council Requirements:
RP-328 For Heavy Duty Diesel Engines

Meets Or Exceeds The Following ASTM Industry Standards:
Extended Service Test, D-2570
Cavitation Test, D-2809
Corrosion Prevention Test, D-1384
Heat Transfer Test, D-4340

Technical Notations

Product Performance: Cleans and removes suspended solids without draining and flushing. Creates a durable microscopic shield to help prevent cavitation erosion and corrosion. Recharges coolant chemistry and dissolves oil contamination. Maintains proper pH levels throughout the dosage cycle. Works on all cooling system metals including aluminum and lead solder joints.

Product Application: Provides maximum extended service intervals for engine coolants. Recommended for heavy duty, medium duty,light duty trucks, passenger vehicles and stationary engines.

Expected Coolant Life: Under normal conditions anti-freeze/coolant never needs to be replaced when treated with RED TEK Cooling Systems. This includes initial charge of the system in most cases. In systems that are blocked or severely neglected professional cleaning may be required. No need for disposal or recycling of coolant when treated with RED TEK Cooling Systems.

Dosage Frequency: For Over The Road Vehicles–Test coolant at 1,200 engine hours and every 1,000 engine hours thereafter to maintain 1600 ppm nitrite levels.
Low Mileage Vehicles (agriculture tractors)–Recharge every 2 years or 80,000 km, or use coolant test strips to monitor proper coolant chemistry.

Compatibility Data

Anti-freeze: Works with all antifreeze/coolants including heavy duty, light duty and passenger vehicle coolants. This also includes ethylene glycol or propylene glycol , phosphate free, low silicate, high silicate, and Extended Life Coolants.

Water: Water Does Not Have To Be Distilled Or Deionized To Work Properly. No need for expensive distilled and deionizeed water.

Chemical Charge Filters: Eliminates need for charge filters and should not be used in combination. Simply replace charge filter with standard mechanical filter at the end of the recommended cycle. Then, charge with RED TEK Cooling Systems.

SCAs: Eliminates need for SCA’s and should not be used in combination.

Coolant Disposal: Not necessary with RED TEK Cooling Systems. Since coolant is never replaced, government regulations are not involved.

Ingredients: State-of-the-art water chemistry utilizing electro-chemical ionization for cavitation protection and aquation to remove solids. Contains high grade sodium nitrite and proprietary chemicals for maximum performance.

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