RED TEK® is a worldwide supplier of natural, environmentally safe hydrocarbon refrigerants. Specifically engineered to replace R134a and other HFC refrigerants, RED TEK manufactures and distributes 100% natural refrigerants that are non-ozone depleting and non-global warming.

Protect the Environment

Current HFCs deplete the ozone layer and contribute considerably to greenhouse gas emissions.


Cost-Effective Refrigerants

Very soon, the current supply chain of refrigerants on the market will become unsustainable, increasing the price and variable costs that manufacturers and technicians must pay.


Reduce Repair Costs

The significant factors in repair costs of commercial and industrial refrigeration units are downtime and the acquisition costs of refrigerants.


Hydrocarbons are the Future

HFC based refrigerants are phasing out of use across America and other developed countries.


We are excited to provide the newest and most sustainable refrigerant to technicians, procurement professionals, and suppliers that realize that it’s better to change sooner than later.

Intelligent organizations who are concerned with both staying ahead of the curve and providing environmentally conscious refrigerants to their customers choose RED TEK for all their refrigerant needs for several reasons including:

  • RED TEK refrigerant is among the purest, natural HFC-free refrigerants available on the market.
  • Your staff will receive procurement support, product demonstrations, and continuing education through our refrigerant experts.
  • You receive a manufacturer-direct, on-demand relationship for refrigerant.
  • RED TEK refrigerants operate at lower head pressures and offer improved cooling properties than alternatives.
  • Highly adaptable and responsive supply chain management designed specially to meet the unique needs of your organization.
  • There are few other facilities with the mass-production capabilities of RED TEK, giving you access to refrigerant materials at scale.
  • With two major buying groups in over 250 locations, HFC-free refrigerants are available directly to manufacturers and suppliers.
  • You’ll receive warehousing and shipping capabilities to meet your order fulfillment needs.


If you’re ready to make the change to environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants, contact your local authorized sales representative or call us toll-free at (888)-676-9380 now.

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