EXTREME-50 – Low Temperature Grease

EXTREME-50 is a state-of-the-art Lithium thickened product for extreme-duty lubrication uniquely designed to meet the extreme severe sub-zero outdoor conditions found in forestry, mining, construction and agricultural industries.

What is EXTREME-50?

EXTREME-50 contains a low viscosity base oil to ensure dispensability at low temperatures and is fortified with unique extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to protect bearings against heat and wear. In addition, EXTREME-50 prevents rusting and corrosion of metal surfaces and has superior water resistance. EXTREME-50 is designed to provide superior lubrication in many applications.

Uses of EXTREME-50

RED TEK EXTREME-50 Grease is specially forumulated to excel in the Mining, Agriculture, Forestry, Heavy Truck, Construction, Marine, Automotive, and other heavy-duty machine environments.


731        Grease 14 oz. tube

732        35 lb. pail

733        120 lb. keg

734        400 lb. drum


Grease Compatibility Guide

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

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