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305 - 8 oz. can
(20 oz. equivalent)
306 - 12 lb. Cylinder
(30 lb. equivalent)
307 - 20 lb. Cylinder
(50 lb. equivalent)

RED TEK® 22a, a HC-based refrigerant from Thermofluid Technologies, is a blend of environmentally safe hydrocarbon fluids designed as a direct replacement and retrofit refrigerant option for replacing R22 substitutes in commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. 22a operates at lower head pressures and offers improved cooling properties and performance compared to R22.


Product RED TEK® 22a R22 R502
Chemical Type HC CFC HFC
Composition zeotrope pure pure
G.W.P (CO2=1, 100yr ITH) 3 10,600 1,600
O.D.P. 0 0.9 0
Atmospheric Life < 1 year 130 years 16 years
Thermal Performance +12 - +32% 0 -8%
Oils both mineral synthetic
Leak Detection hydrocarbon halide halide
Boiling Point (C) -31 -30 -26
Autoignition (F) 800 n/a 1385
Latent Heat (1.0 bar, abs) 367 KJ/kg 145 KF/kg 189 KJ/kg
Refrigerant Mass Charge Size (R12=100%) 33% 100% 90%
Toxic Thermal Decomposition None Phosgene Gas Hydro Flouride Gas