RED TEK® 12a Hydrocarbon Refrigerant
Replaces R-12 Substitutes, R-134a
301 12a 6 oz. Can (18 oz equivalent)
302 12a 12 lb. Cylinder (36 lb. equivalent)
303 12a 20 lb. Cylinder (60 lb. equivalent)

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 6 oz. Can
(18 oz. equivalent)
12 lb. Cylinder
(36 lb. equivalent)
20 lb. Cylinder
(60 lb. equivalent)  


Most all common elastomer and plastic refrigeration materials used as o-rings, seals, and gaskets are compatible with RED TEK® refrigerants. Butyl hoses are incompatible and should not be used with hydrocarbon refrigerants.

RED TEK® 12a E G E G U E
RED TEK® 22a E G E G U E
RED TEK® 502a E G E G U E
Freon 11 E U F U U E
Freon 12 G G G E F E
Freon 21 U X U P P E
Freon 22 U U U G G E
Freon 114 G E E E G E
Freon 115 G X G G G E
Freon 142b U X E E E E
Freon 152a U X E E E E
Freon C318 G X G G G E

LEGEND:    E=Excellent     G=Good     F=Fair     P=Poor     U=Unsatisfactory     X=Unknown


EPR = Ethylene-Propylene
Disogrin = Polyurethane
Buna N = Nitrile
Viton = Fluorocarbon