RED TEK® DyeCharge12™
A/C Leak Detection Dye
405 DyeCharge12

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Q. What is DyeCharge12™?        
  A. DyeCharge12™ is a unique detection dye that works synergistically with refrigerants to locate hard to find leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.       

Q. What are other benefits of DyeCharge12™?       
  A. DyeCharge12™ is safe and easy to use.  DyeCharge12™ will verify repairs thus eliminating reworks.  Also, DyeCharge12™ will reduce downtime and operation costs.       

Q. How long will DyeCharge12™ remain in system?       
  A. DyeCharge12™ can remain in the system indefinitely and does not harm or affect system components or performance.       

Q. Is DyeCharge12™ compatible with all compressor oils?       
  A.  DyeCharge12™ is compatible with PAG, mineral, ester base, and alkylbenzenes.       

Q. Does DyeCharge12™ pose any serious health risk?       
  A.  DyeCharge12™ poses no serious health or safety risk.  Also, there are no known carcinogens in DyeCharge12™.