RED TEK® Dry12™
A/C Dehydration Treatment
403 Dry12

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Q. What is Dry12™?       
  A. Dry12™ is a drying system designed to safely eliminate system moisture in A/C systems. The blended formulation is activated by moisture to form silicone oil which blends with the compressor lubricating oil to enhance lubrication.

Q. What are benefits of using Dry12™?        
  A. Moisture is an air conditioning or refrigeration systems worst enemy. Dry12™ eliminates system moisture resulting in lower compressor head pressure and amperage draw. A moisture free system will greatly extend the component life of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Q. What happens to the moisture when treated with Dry12™?        
  A. Dry12™ converts system moisture into an inert silicone oil which combines with the lubricating compressor oils.

Q. Is Dry12™ recommended for older air conditioning and refrigeration systems?       
  A. Yes. When an air conditioning system ages, moisture accumulates in the system resulting in the formation of acids which the loss of cooling is only a symptom. Dry12™ eliminates the moisture accumulated resulting in a more reliable and efficient system.

Q. Does Dry12™ reduce energy costs?      
  A. Yes. Dry12™ achieves overall power consumption reduction by allowing the refrigerant to fully condense on the "high side" of the system by eliminating moisture. The results are shorter compressor cycles and reduced energy costs.

Q. Can I use Dry12™ in an HFC-134a system?        
  A. Yes. Moisture in the presence of chlorofluorocarbon based refrigerants can form extremely corrosive hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids which chemically corrodes systems and reduces the systems output and efficiency. Dry12™ neutralizes acids in the system. No moisture equals no acids. No acids equals no corrosion.