RED TEK® 502a Hydrocarbon Refrigerant
Replaces R502
310 502a 12 lb. Cylinder (30 lb. equivalent)
311 502a 20 lb. Cylinder (50 lb. equivalent)

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12 lb. Cylinder
(30 lb. equivalent)
20 lb. Cylinder
(50 lb. equivalent)

Q. What is RED TEK® 502a™?        
  A. RED TEK® 502a™ is a proprietary blended ultra high efficient hydrocarbon refrigerant designed as a direct replacement for R-502.

Q. Is RED TEK® 502a™ environmentally safe?        
  A. Absolutely! RED TEK® 502a™ refrigerants are organic, non-ozone depleting, non-toxic compounds. These refrigerants are endorsed by the Green Peace organization and are in full compliance with the UN Montreal Protocol.

Q. Does RED TEK® 502a™ need EPA approval?        
  A. RED TEK® 502a™ is a direct replacement for R-502 and all other non-ozone depleting substances. The EPA's Final Rule, issued April 1, 1994, states: "In this final rule, the Agency has determined that second generation replacements, if they are non-ozone depleting and are replacing non-ozone depleting first generation alternatives, are exempt from reporting requirements under Section 612".

Q. Are RED TEK® refrigerants energy efficient compared to other refrigerants on the market today?        
  A. Yes! RED TEK® Refrigerants are up to 40% more efficient than Hydrofluorocarbon Refrigerants.

Q. Are RED TEK® Refrigerants corrosive to air conditioning systems?       
  A. No. RED TEK® Refrigerants are non-corrosive, non-caustic, and do not form acids in combination with system moisture.

Q. Can I lower "head pressures" in my A/C system by using RED TEK® Refrigerants?        
  A. Yes! RED TEK® Refrigerants can extend equipment and component life by lowering compressor "head pressures".