RED TEK® 502a Hydrocarbon Refrigerant
Replaces R502
310 502a 12 lb. Cylinder (30 lb. equivalent)
311 502a 20 lb. Cylinder (50 lb. equivalent)

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12 lb. Cylinder
(30 lb. equivalent)
20 lb. Cylinder
(50 lb. equivalent)


1) Inspect the system and determine if the system is operating correctly. Any repairs should be carried out prior to recharging the A/C system.
2) Check the system for refrigerant leaks using appropriate leak detection procedures and tools (stock # 606).
3) Leaks in metal lines, condensers, evaporators, fittings, and rubber hoses can be repaired effectively by installing RED TEK® ProSeal™ Advanced Seal Treatment (stock# 402).
4) Use a duct thermometer (stock# 605) to capture and record the center vent temperature. This will supply the installer a temperature reference, allowing the installer to compare before and after temperature readings.
5) Determine the type of refrigerant currently in the a/c system. The OEM tag indicates the type and amount of refrigerant in the system. If missing, contact the OEM for further information. This must be determined before initiating a RED TEK® 502a recharge.
6) Evacuation of the refrigerant in the system is recommended prior to installing RED TEK® 502a refrigerant. Recover all existing refrigerants into a suitable approved container and mark appropriately, as FEDERAL REGULATIONS PROHIBIT THE VENTING OF REFRIGERANTS INTO THE ATMOSPHERE. Although RED TEK® 502a is compatible with most existing refrigerants and oils, DO NOT MIX REFRIGERANTS. Mixing refrigerants is illegal in Canada and the US and will not offer the maximum performance available from RED TEK® 502a.
7) Locate low and high side service ports of the A/C system.
8) Determine the correct amount of RED TEK® 502a Refrigerant required in the system with the use of the OEM refrigerant information and the RED TEK® 502a Conversion Chart.
9) RED TEK® 502a Refrigerant is installed through the low side service port as a liquid. PULL A SYSTEM VACUUM AS PER MANUFACTURER'S SPECIFICATIONS.

Follow all RED TEK® 502a safety precautions before initiating charging process.
1) Properly connect Manifold Gauge Set (stock# 601) to RED TEK® 502a cylinder.
2) Locate Low Side Service Port and connect low side hose.
3) Locate High Side Service Port and connect high side hose.
4) Place refrigerant cylinder on electronic charging scale (stock# 607) and set weight to 0.
5) Slowly open liquid charging valve allowing refrigerant to enter system slowly.
6) Continue with charging process as determined by the RED TEK® 502a conversion chart and adequate cooling is attained. DO NOT OVERCHARGE!
7) After RED TEK® 502a charging procedure is completed, turn cylinder valve clockwise until valve is fully closed.
8) Remove charging hoses from low and high side service ports. Store unused RED TEK® 502a refrigerant in a well
ventilated area away from open flames.
9) 9) Apply RED TEK® refrigerant identification tags in a highly visible area near charging port.