RED TEK® Grease™
Ultra Tacky Grease
701 Grease 14 oz. tube
702 35 lb. pail
703 120 lb. keg
704 400 lb. drum

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A premium performance, ultra tacky grease designed for use in agriculture, heavy duty truck, forestry, and marine environments. Contains a proprietary, advanced technology additive that increases lubricity and prevents severe lubrication problems in heavy duty applications.

What Is Your Biggest Greasing Problem?

How about that bearing that is always Running hot? Think of that equipment you are always shooting with grease. What about that bearing you grease every two hours… and still end up replacing? Have you ever noticed that path of grease underneath your vehicle just after you have greased the universal?

Now you can eliminate these problems because RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease "stays put." Tens of thousands of firms have lowered their costs by taking advantage of the new technology of RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease. Many of them have obtained savings of 80%.

How RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease was Developed

Thermofluid Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in solving tough maintenance problems for over a decade. Much of its Research and Development has involved the use of silicone lubrication technology. To formulate this grease, Thermofluid Technologies combined an ultra-tacky texture with the slipperiest materials known to industry. This technological break-through provides multiple benefits to all firms that have severe lubrication problems in heavy-duty applications.

What Is RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease?

RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease is a new type of lithium12 hydroxy grease with silicone. RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease contains no abrasive clay-as do most high temperature greases. It is compatible with the vast majority of greases on the market today. As opposed to aluminum based soaps, greases with lithium do not harden up or become stiff after being stored over a few months. Calcium-based soaps do not perform well at high temperatures. RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease does.

RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease possesses the highest true E.P. (Extreme Pressure) rating in the industry, with a Timken OK load bearing score of over 65 lbs. This test is conducted under strict laboratory conditions using American for Testing and Materials method D-2509.

Why RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease Works?

The ultra-tacky texture "stays put" in bearings where dusty and contaminated outdoor conditions exist, such as the mining, oil wells, agriculture, and construction industries. The ultra-tacky texture creates a "ring seal" around the bearing surfaces. Actual usage by 20,000 fleets proved that sealing out abrasive grit is the most important benefit in these outdoor applications. RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease will not ball-up or slough off, even when equipment "is up to its hubs in dust and grit".

The addition of silicone provides an extra measure of protection against metal-to-metal contact. Only one molecule thickness of silicone is needed to prevent galling or scoring.

Environmentally Friendly

RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease is an environmentally friendly lubricant. It is non-toxic, contains no lead, molybdenum disulphide, or hazardous materials. Even the oils utilized in the manufacture of RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease have been hydro-treated. This more expensive refining process eliminates impurities which are carcinogenic (cancer causing).

Finally - A True All Season Grease

Thermofluid Technologies started with a unique National Lubrication Grease Institute NLGI number of 1.5. This procedure provides a score of over 280 on penetration test of 60 strokes at 77 °F. (ASTM method D-217). By targeting a medium range viscosity index of 55 under ASTM method D-2270, Thermofluid Technologies was able to solve the dilemma of manufacturing a grease with a hyper-extended temperature range.

This means operators of equipment in rugged outdoor conditions can pump RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease at temperatures as low as minus 30°F. Yet this same grease will perform in a hot bearing well above the temperature where the steel becomes annealed or changes its molecular structure. This annealing occurs at approximately 325 °F-well below the high temperature range of RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease. Now there is no need to stock two greases-a winter grease and a summer grease-because RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease does it all.

Excellent Water Washout Resistance

RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease has excellent water resistance to "wash-out"-even when the bearings are subjectd to a constant flow per ASTM D-1264. This makes RED TEK® an excellent choice for marine, irrigation, liquid, manure, and mud environments.

The corrosion resistance of RED TEK® Ultra Tacky Grease is rated a perfect 1,1,1 on ASTM Test D-1743.