RED TEK® Grease™
HX-10 Grease
721 Grease 14 oz. tube
722 35 lb. pail
723 120 lb. keg
724 400 lb. drum

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Q. What is RED TEK® HX-10 Grease?       
  A. HX-10™ Grease is a proprietary blended lithium12 hydroxy grease with silicone, NLGI 1.

Q. Does RED TEK® HX-10™ Grease contain abrasive clay as do most high temperature clays?       
  A. No. RED TEK® HX-10™ Grease contains no abrasive clays or solid particles.

Q. Is RED TEK® HX-10™ Grease compatible with most greases on the market today?       
  A. Yes. HX-10™ Grease is compatible with most grease on the market today.

Q. What makes RED TEK® HX-10™ so effective?       
  A. The HX-10 texture of RED TEK® HX-10™ Grease "stays put" in bearings where dust and contaminated outdoor conditions exist. The HX-10 texture creates a ring seal around the bearings surfaces.

Q. Will RED TEK® HX-10™ Grease ball-up or slough off?       
  A. No. RED TEK® Grease will not ball-up or slough off, even when equipment is "up to its hubs in dust and grit".

Q. Does RED TEK® HX-10™ grease contain lead, molybdenum disulfide, or hazardous materials?       
  A. No. RED TEK® Greases have been hydrotreated. This more expensive refining process eliminates impurities which can be carcinogenic.

Q. What makes RED TEK® HX-10™ Grease an excellent choice for heavy duty outdoor conditions?       
  A. RED TEK® Greases have excellent water resistance to washout, even when the bearings are subjected to a constant flow per ASTM specification D-1264. The corrosion resistance of RED TEK® Grease is rated a perfect 1,1,1 on ASTM TEST D-1743.