Oil Analyzers


625 R12, R22, R502 Systems
626 R134a Systems
  • Checks for proper oil level
  • Analyzes acidic products dissolved in oil phase
  • Recommends when oil change is needed

Packaged 24/case

Have you serviced your A/C system today?

     Do I have the correct amount of A/C oil in my system?

           What is the condition of my A/C compressor fluid?

Now with RED TEK® A/C Oil Analyzers you can eliminate costly repairs and keep your air conditioner operating at its peak.

No Retrofitting
You do not have to replace any components in your air conditioning system. So just press an A/C Oil Analyzer on the low side port and compare results.

Extends A/C system Life
Proper A/C oil level means that your compressor and air condition components will last longer.

Easy to Use
No special tools are required to use RED TEK® A/C Oil Analyzers. Simply press the tester on the low side port and compare results to the enclosed chart. Follow recommended chart and you're finished.

Directions for Use

1. Start the engine
2. Switch on A/C and set blower on lowest setting
3. Wait for approximately 60 seconds or until low side valve is warm to the touch.
4. Put an Oil Phase Tester on the Low Side Port and press the Oil Phase Tester 2- 3 times.
5. Match the Oil Phase Tester to the enclosed Results Chart for recommendation.

Press Release

Thermofluid Launches RED TEK® A/C Oil Analyzers™

January 17, 2003
Thermofluid has introduced RED TEK® Air Conditioning Oil Analyzers, a product offering customers a cost effective and easy way to detect air conditioning oil levels and harmful acids dissolved in the oil phase. RED TEK® A/C Oil Analyzer is now cost effective, facilitating faster and more reliable oil analysis.

Automotive and commercial installers can use existing service fittings to utilize RED TEK® A/C Oil Analyzers. When the compressor is started, put an oil phase tester on a low side valve and press the tester 2 or 3 times. Technicians can simply match the RED TEK® A/C Oil Analyzer to the included results chart.

"We are pleased to offer a product that improves our customers' ability to properly analyze and detect harmful acids in refrigerant oil systems", said Ron Tracy, sales representative for RED TEK Products. "RED TEK® Oil Analyzers can help reduce compressor failure and acid burnout, both important issues in the automotive and commercial air condition service industry".

RED TEK® A/C Oil Analyzer reduces the amount of time needed to properly determine correct air conditioning oil levels and acid contamination, reducing labor costs and equipment downtime. Also, RED TEK® A/C Oil Analyzers enable the customer to easily see the condition of compressor oils, making it easier to get repair orders. Proper oil analysis can lead to dramatic increases in revenue.

RED TEK® A/C Oil Analyzer™ is available throughout Canada and the United States in consumer and bulk packaging. For more information, call 1-888-676-9380, email or visit us on the web at

In 2003, RED TEK® is celebrating its 39th year of product innovation and achievement - providing products that make a difference. Thermofluid Technologies manufactures high quality refrigerants, refrigeration additives, lubricants, and corrosion inhibitors for automotive, commercial and industrial markets.

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