RED TEK® NeverFlush™
716 NeverFlush 16 oz

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Save Expensive Flush Jobs 

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? NeverFlush™ is less costly than having to buy flush kits, cleaners, anti-rust additives and antifreeze. And NeverFlush™ cleans even better than traditional flushes.

Pour and Go! 

How long does it take you or your mechanic to flush your system? NeverFlush™ takes about 10 seconds to install. It cleans as you drive.

Never Replace Antifreeze 

NeverFlush™ recharges your old antifreeze/coolant so that it has even better chemistry than when it was new.

Help Our Environment 

Antifreeze poses a danger to children, pets and wildlife and can also contaminate water sources. NeverFlush™ eliminates the need to handle, store or recycle antifreeze.

How It Works 

NeverFlush™ dissolves rust, scale and oil from your system as you drive. It changes harmful solids into an inert liquid through a process called aquation.


NeverFlush™ is compatible with all antifreezes and coolants including ethylene and propylene glycol, Dexcool and works on all metals including aluminum.

Proven Technology 

The NeverFlush™ formula has been used by heavy duty truck fleets for over 10 years. It is now available in single dose containers for cars and light trucks-both gasoline and diesel engines.

NeverFlush™ meets the American Trucking Association requirements and the following ASTM vehicle test specifications: Extended Service, Corrosion, Cavitation and Heat Transfer.

Other Big Savings 

Fleets using NeverFlush™ report up to 75% reduction in water pump failures, rad jobs, and thermostat replacements.